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For the past several months, we’ve been working on a big project to bring you first-class woodworking videos that you can download to your computer or iPod. I’m proud to tell you WOOD Magazine’s “Better Woodworking <http://iamplify.com/wood-magazine/?cid=WM0002> ” Video Center has just launched. You won’t read about it in the magazine for a few more weeks, but we wanted to give you the first peek at this site. I think you’ll be impressed.
At “Better Woodworking <http://iamplify.com/wood-magazine/?cid=WM0002> ,” you can download skill-building woodworking videos, typically between an hour and two hours long, by master woodworkers like Marc Adams, Paul Schurch, Gary Rogowski, The Wood Whisperer, and many more. Learn to turn a bowl, or make a guitar, or how to tune-up your jointer or bandsaw, or use a vacuum veneer press. Take a spin through the videos to see what you can learn from nearly 50 videos on the site right now, with the vast majority of them priced under $20. You can even try before you buy-each video has a free preview.
Link: http://iamplify.com/wood-magazine/?cid=WM0002
Marlen Kemmet
WOOD magazine/WOOD Online Managing Editor

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